Buildings play a big part in making a city what it is. When you think of New York, you think of the Empire State. When you think of Paris, you think of the Eiffel Tower. And when you think of Toronto, you probably think of the CN Tower.

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An iconic building such as the CN Tower just necessitates good-looking “companions", and Toronto certainly delivers. Like every major city, Toronto has a plethora of buildings with brilliant architectural design.

While I am in no way an expert in architecture, I find these buildings to be quite appealing to the eyes. Here are 25 of the most breathtaking buildings and structures in Toronto, in no particular order (some of these may still be in development):

Photo cred - Legislative Assembly of Ontario

1. New City Hall

Photo cred - Thomas

2. Old City Hall

Photo cred - Gehry Partners

3. Art Gallery of Ontario

Photo cred - Elliot Lewis

4. Royal Ontario Museum

5. Allan Lambert Hall (BCE Place Galleria)

Photo cred -

6. Scotia Plaza

7. MaRS Centre

8. Globe & Mail Centre

9. Ryerson Student Centre

Photo cred - themashcanada

10. National Ballet Academy of Toronto

Photo cred - Carlos Osorio

11. River City Condo

Photo cred -

12. Bridgepoint Hospital

13. Clear Spirit Condos

Photo cred -

14. St. James Cathedral

15. Scarborough Civic Centre

Photo cred -

16. The Gooderham Building

Photo cred -

17. Roy Thompson Hall

18. Commerce Court North

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20. Ernst & Young Tower (current)

Photo cred -

21. 20 Prince Arthur

Photo cred -

22. L Tower

Photo cred -

23. Union Station

Photo cred -

24. The Royal York

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25. Convocation Hall (UofT)

Honourary mentions: Ernst & Young Tower (in development), "Marilyn Monroe" buildings (Mississauga, not Toronto)

Do you agree with this list? Which buildings did I miss? Leave a comment below!