The City of Toronto has announced that it will be cracking down on food venues. The move comes after they received multiple complaints about Toronto bars and restaurants not following social distancing rules. Now, enforcement officers will be on high alert. 

Numerous restaurants have been caught hosting everything from overflowing patios to indoor dining since Ontario entered the second stage of its reopening plan.

The issue has become so bad that officers have been forced to double down on their efforts to control the situation. 

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"Toronto Public Health, Toronto Police Service, and the Alcohol and Gaming Commission of Ontario will be teaming up to increase inspections of liquor-licensed establishments in the city this weekend to address businesses that, despite widespread efforts to educate them on public health requirements to keep their customers, employees and the public safe, continue to disobey provincial orders," reads a City of Toronto press release.

Officers will  be teaming up "to increase inspections of liquor-licensed establishments."

So, next time you're at a food joint, make sure it's patio only and that social distancing measures are in place.

The crackdown on Toronto eateries comes on the same day that most of the province enters stage three.

As some Ontarians prepare to walk inside of restaurants for the first time in months, Torontonians will remain on patios.

At the moment, several dining-out restrictions remain in place at the 6ix.

"Customers can only be inside a restaurant or bar to access an outdoor dining area, pick up food, pay or use the washroom; while within the enclosed public space, customers and employees must be wearing a mask," the release adds.

Toronto's popular nightclub, Goldie, lost their booze license after they were caught hosing a secret party last month. 

According to the Toronto Police, around 125 to 150 people were caught inside of the venue.