A Toronto Company Will Pay You $1000 A Month Just To Cuddle Kittens

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A Toronto Company Will Pay You $1000 A Month Just To Cuddle Kittens

Calling all kitty lovers! One Toronto cat job is currently hiring and they will pay you up to $1,000 to cuddle. 

If you're looking for the pur-fect gig, Cat Sitter Toronto, a company specializing in pet care, is looking to hire some new employees. 

All you have to do is spend quality time with the critters in order to collect a paycheque. 

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This job isn’t just for ‘Crazy Cat Ladies’ or ‘Cat Whisperers,’ as long as you love cats – this job appeals to ALL walks of life!

Cat Sitter Toronto Inc.

Depending on how frequently you visit your little fur buddies, you could make $500 to $1,000 a month while working part-time. 

According to the listing, you will need to be available to work two to three hours a day. 

During this time you are expected to check-in on a cat, feed them, clean their litter box and of course, cuddle them. 

It's worth noting that you also don't need to be a cat expert to apply for the job. 

According to the company, one of the many perks of this gig is "free kitty kisses & snuggles."

Kitty Cuddler 

Salary: $500-1000 a month

Company: Cat Sitter Toronto 

Why You Should Apply: Cuddle kitties and get paid for it.

Apply Here

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