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The COVID-19 anti-vaxxers are here. A vehicle was seen in Toronto warning onlookers of the impending vaccines. The ominous sign was spotted in the north end of the city, at the Bathurst St. and Steeles Ave.

The large size of the vehicle gave some height to the sign, making it more prominent and visible to the cars that were stopped in traffic.

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The digital sign reads “The ‘Mark Of The Beast’ Is Here! The mRNA Covid Vaccines Will Corrupt Your DNA & And You Will Lose Your Soul.”

It then goes on to direct readers to their website for more info. Things are just as weird there.

The site — which has the feel that it was put together by someone just learning to code — begins with a series of long videos of interviews under the heading “Warnings And Prophecies About The RNA Covid Vaccines.” The long string of text that follows then takes on a religious overtone.

While large anti-vaccine protests have not been taking place here, the opposition to vaccines is a message that has been popping up on signs at anti-mask rallies.

But when an actual vaccine does arrive, please consult your doctor, and not a website from a sign on the top of a Winnebago.

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