Toronto Doctor Shares The Effect Of U.K. Variant On A Healthy 35-Year-Old (PHOTO)

He shared an X-ray of the patient's lungs.
Toronto Doctor Shows What COVID-19 Can Look Like In Young People

A Toronto doctor is warning young people about the dangers of COVID-19.  

Kashif Pirzada, an emergency physician, took to Twitter on Sunday to share an X-ray of a 35-year-old patient's lungs after they contracted the B.1.1.7. variant, a variant that was first identified in the U.K.

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The teacher, who had no previous medical problems, reportedly had to be taken to the ICU after getting COVID-19 from a student.

Pirzada also shared photos of his colleague's cases, which showed similar lung deterioration due to variants.

"The game has clearly changed, these variants affect younger people harder and faster," the doctor told Narcity. "These are the most severe cases we see, but we are seeing lots of younger people who are still quite ill who manage to go home and recover there."

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