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John Tory Is Fighting For Toronto Gyms To Open As Early As November

Tory wants to help fitness club owners thrive during the pandemic.

You might not have to do at-home workouts for much longer.  Toronto gyms could reopen as early as next month, thanks to a new call-to-action by Mayor John Tory.

Tory told CP24 that he has asked public health officials to develop a scenario that would allow fitness centres to reopen during the winter.

Dr. Eileen de Villa, Chief Medical Officer of Health, has been tasked to create a guideline that would allow gyms to reopen at the end of the provincial government's 28-day restriction.

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There must be a way, and I will look for a way, working with the province and our Chief Medical Officer of Health to find a way to ‘doors open safely’ the gyms.

Mayor John Tory

The City of Toronto was forced to revert to a modified stage two of Ontario's reopening plan this month. 

The order forced gyms to shut down across the region, placing an enormous amount of strain on business owners.

Toronto fitness club owners have criticized the decision as being "unjustified," citing a lack of scientific evidence.

Tory has remained sympathetic to gym-goers, saying he will work diligently to create a safe way to reopen.

“We have to go through that checklist one by one by one and find ways if we possibly can reopen these places safely, but safely is underlined five times,” Tory added.