Pearson International is about to get some futuristic-looking equipment. The Toronto airport has announced that they will be using robot cleaners and walk-thru disinfectant hallways as more travellers start venturing back to the popular flight hub. Toronto Pearson Airport's new sanitation measures are part of their Healthy Airport initiative to ensure safety during COVID-19.  

According to a news release, travellers can expect things to look a little different next time they pack their suitcase. 

One of the biggest changes will be six robot cleaners who will be zooming around the airport to ensure that floor surfaces remain sparkling clean throughout the day. 

Not only will there be machine cleaners, but touchless check-in and air quality monitors will be installed throughout the airport. 

As the popular destination gears up for an increased volume of travellers in the coming months, additional strategies are being put in place to stop the spread of germs. 

New disinfectant corridors will spray passengers and staff with a non-toxic saltwater solution to sterilize your clothes and luggage as you walk through, says the info page.

Plexiglass will also be installed in all licensed taxis to separate contact between passengers and drivers.

Packed terminals may also be a thing of the past. Monitoring crowd levels will be one of the top-tier priorities of the Healthy Airport measures.

"The unprecedented nature of the COVID-19 pandemic requires an extraordinary response with the health of every Toronto Pearson passenger and employee as the driving force," says their website.

The airport is also trialling measures such as wearable technology for employees to help ensure physical distancing, as well as using software "to monitor and manage risk from COVID-19 and other infectious diseases."

This comes after several initial health restrictions were put in place on June 1.

These measures, which still remain in place, included mandatory masks for all passengers and employees. 

On top of this, all family and friends will have to wait outside of the terminal to be reunited with their loved ones.