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Someone Lost An Ultra-Rare 263-Year-Old Violin On The Toronto Subway

Its estimated worth is in the tens of thousands of dollars.
Toronto Police Say Someone Lost An Ultra-Rare 300-Year-Old Violin In The Toronto Subway

An incredibly valuable instrument is on the loose after Toronto Police reported someone had lost their violin on the TTC subway system on Friday evening.

According to the release, the violin is 263 years old and from the 18th century, which skyrockets its worth up into the thousands.

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1757 The year the violin was made

Toronto Police report that the instrument is a 1757 concert violin built by Lorenzo Carcassi, an Italian instrument maker.

The violin was kept in a red BAM case. 

It's hard to estimate how much the violin is worth without knowing its condition, said Dr. Sherry Lee, an associate professor of Musicology at the University of Toronto, to Narcity over email, but she gave a rough estimate of somewhere around $100,000.*

But depending on the condition of the instrument, it could be worth tens of thousands more.

On Friday night, when the violin was lost, the owner reportedly travelled on Line 1 from College to Bloor-Yonge before transferring onto Line 2 and heading westbound to St. George.

There, they made a final change to Line 1 and travelled north to St. Clair West.

When they left St. Clair station, they realized their violin was missing.

"13 Division investigators are looking to speak with anyone who has the violin, has seen it, or knows where it can be found," police said in a statement.

*This article has been updated.

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