While the Toronto Raptors have been calling Tampa, Florida their new home during the pandemic, the team has revealed that it hasn't been an easy transition.

In fact, the boys have recently been opening up about what they miss around the 6ix, and some of their answers are a little unexpected.

For starters, Nick Nurse revealed he misses what the rest of us dread about the city. "I miss the snow and the wind and the cold. I grew up in Iowa, man. I dig the change in seasons," the coach claimed.

It wasn't just Nurse who missed the small stuff. Fred VanVleet also apparently opened up about how much he misses grocery stores around the 6ix.

Kyle Lowry also had a very specific answer when it comes to what he longs to return to when he finally settles back down in the 6ix. "Being able to drive down the Gardiner. Driving the DVP. Just the normal everyday stuff of walking Bloor Street or walking down University [Avenue] and seeing fans and interacting with them," Lowry gushed last month.