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You Can Now Creep Inside Toronto's Most Epic Mansions Without Even Wearing Pants (VIDEOS)

If you've ever wanted to wander through some of the most luxurious Toronto mansions you've ever seen, now you can — on TikTok.

ListingsTO, which has gotten upwards of 1.3 million views on its videos, allows you to see firsthand just how over-the-top Toronto's homes can be, all without leaving your couch.

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The videos provide walkthroughs of current listings in the Toronto area.

Each house seems to be more glamorous than the last, with walk-in closets and beautiful decor throughout.

The homes featured on the account are located in upmarket neighbourhoods all over the GTA, in cities like Aurora, Oakville, Guelph, and Toronto's Bennington Heights.

These homes are no strangers to luxurious add-ons — this one even features a home movie theatre.

And the views are nothing to bat an eye at!

If you need us, we'll be daydreaming up our perfect Toronto mansion.

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