The city's top doctor is warning that Toronto's second wave could last until next year. 

In a Wednesday press conference, Toronto's Medical Officer of Health, Dr. Eileen de Villa, said that if cases continue to soar, the spike could last until May 2021. 

If transmission rates keep growing, "almost four times the number of infections" could pop up by the end of May, according to Dr. de Villa.

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Infections continue to rise week over week, peaking between early March and early May 2021.

Dr. Eileen de Villa

The doctor has been stressing the importance of putting forward more restrictions at this time to help curb the spread. 

"Given that we know it takes about four weeks to see the benefits of intervention start to emerge, we can see that escalating public health measures dramatically drives transmissibility down."

Ontario is set to report over 900 new cases of COVID-19 today and Doug Ford is holding an emergency meeting with his cabinet.

Toronto's top doc already warned that if things are left unchecked, November and beyond will be "much worse."