Doug Ford Got Compared To Donald Trump & The Premier Literally Gagged

He doesn't like being called "the Trump of Ontario."
Doug Ford's Donald Trump Comparison Had The Premier Gagging

It looks like U.S. President Donald Trump may not be in Doug Ford's good books at the moment.

In a discussion put on by the Ryerson Democracy Forum, a university student said that the premier "was regarded as the Trump of Ontario" for his leadership style.

Ford gagged and then quickly laughed in response.

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I'm anything but Donald Trump.

Doug Ford

"Prior to COVID, you were regarded as the Trump of Ontario for [your] combative style," the student said.

"How do you propose we hold you to account to continue on a path away from a Trump style?"

Ford chuckled at this, saying it was a "real slap" to be called Donald Trump.

When asked about Trump's performance at the presidential debate, Ford said it was "disgusting" — especially when Trump took aim at Biden's son, who suffers from addiction.

"There’s an unwritten rule and every politician knows this: You never attack someone’s family," Ford told the moderator.

Ford has been critical of Trump several times, especially for the tariffs he has imposed on Canada.