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Doug Ford Doesn't Want You Leaving Ontario At All Right Now

He says Ontarians should just stay put.

With the holiday season upon us, many Ontarians are thinking about where they'll be spending Christmas this year.

On Monday, Premier Doug Ford made his recommendations clear about travelling outside of Ontario right now — just don't do it.

"You see what’s happening in Manitoba, Alberta, out west — the cases are going like rapid-fire," he began.

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Do me a favour, folks, don’t be travelling. Premier Doug Ford

"If you have to, I guess you have to, but try to stay within our province," he continued.

"Don’t be going into Manitoba. Don’t be going into Quebec. [...] Let’s just stick with Ontario."

In order to curb transmission, the province's advice is to avoid any inter-provincial travel unless it is absolutely essential.

Folks in areas of higher transmission, such as the province's red and orange zones, are asked to avoid visiting areas with lower transmission.

As of today, several more regions are now in the orange zone. 

Following the announcement of Ontario's playgrounds and outdoor activities closure, officials are calling out the new rules.

Dr. Isaac Bogoch, an infectious diseases physician, tweeted that the closure "does not make sense" because the chance of transmission is low and "outdoor activities are vital for mental & physical health."

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Ontario Now Has An 'Emergency Brake' To Halt Reopening If COVID-19 Variants Spread

It means regions could go from Green to lockdown immediately.

Provincial health authorities say they're ready to pump the brakes on Ontario's reopening plan if COVID-19 transmission picks up speed.

Ford announced on Monday that while three public health regions are permitted to enter the green zone this week, an "emergency brake" is poised and ready to take swift action if anything changes.

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York Public Health Says People Are Catching The U.K. Variant On Two-Minute Shopping Trips

"We are very concerned about the variant in circulation within York Region."

Health officials say they are very concerned about local transmission of the U.K. COVID-19 variant in York Region.

Dr. Karim Kurji, medical officer of health for York Region, confirmed to Narcity that contact tracers discovered that some infected individuals had contracted the B.1.1.7 variant during very short shopping trips.

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Red Zone Restrictions Say We Should Avoid Travelling In Ontario Starting This Weekend

Being in a red zone means you shouldn't travel to 'areas of low-transmission'

One thing Doug Ford forgot to mention in his press conference today is that Torontonians are now being advised not to travel to Muskoka. Or the Bruce Peninsula. Or Prince Edward County.

According to the province's newly developed red zone or "control" level guidelines, travelling from a red zone to an area of low transmission is not allowed.

The guidelines don't define what "areas of low transmission" are, but presumably include yellow zones, like Simcoe-Muskoka, and those not zoned at all, like Hastings and Prince Edward Counties.

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