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The TTC Will Be ‘Restricting Entry’ At Subway Stations To Prevent Overcrowding

Fare gates could turn into "exits only."
The TTC Will Be ‘Restricting Entry’ At Subway Stations To Prevent Overcrowding

Next time the TTC has a delay, you might not be able to wait in the station. In a new report, the transit company announced that they will be working towards implementing multiple safety measures as customers start to head back into the tunnels. TTC's COVID-19 rules will now include "restricting entry" at subway stations during delays. 

In a report, the TTC announced multiple changes that they wish to make as customers start to make their way back on the transit system. 

While the company is asking all users to wear masks, they are also looking at restricting access to the subway if the platforms become too overcrowded. 

Since delays are often known to create packed platforms, the TTC announced that they will be prioritizing crowd control measures. 

"Response actions will be incident specific and may include limiting access to potential areas that may experience overcrowding," the report states. 

Some actions include "directing and/or restricting entry of customers to stations."

In order to ensure that these platforms are shut down, the TTC may turn fare gates into "exit only" so that no one is allowed to enter the subway. 

On top of this, escalators will be shut down, and shuttle buses will be deployed. 

"When unplanned events occur, customers may be restricted from waiting on platforms to avoid platform crowding," reads the report.  

Riders may even be asked to leave the station if a platform becomes overcrowded due to delays. 

The TTC has also taken on 100 COVID-19 Ambassadors, who will be present at major subway stations starting June 21.

Their main job will be managing customer movement as well as monitoring crowd levels during times of delays or during peak periods. They are also there to provide information. 

You can find them at "Union, Bloor-Yonge, St. George, Kipling, Finch, Sheppard, Eglinton, and Dundas stations and to key bus and streetcar platforms, including Pape, Main Street, Kennedy, Union, St. Clair West, Broadview, and Dundas West," according to the TTC. 

Face coverings are about to become mandatory as of July 2, 2020, according to the action plan.

This will be another key method to stop the spread of germs if physical distancing gets difficult to maintain in some situations.

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