The next time you need an instant pick-me-up, you should visit this u-pick flower farm near Toronto.

Just 45 minutes from the city is Andrews' Scenic Acres, where you can explore a massive 2-acre dahlia field with blooms every colour of the rainbow.

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In late July, the garden is bursting with blooms, and you can make a dreamy bouquet to bring home.

The experience is like stepping into a magical fairytale, with buds everywhere you look.

But the flower fun doesn't stop there. The farm also has a wildflower garden that is $1 a stem, along with u-pick peonies in June and sunflowers in August.

Andrews’ Scenic Acres

Price: $8+ admission & $1-2 a flower

Address: 9365 10 Side Rd., Milton, ON

Why You Need To Go: You can also pick your own juicy berries for $4.25 a pound.


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