#VoteFordOut2022 Is Trending On Twitter & He Got Absolutely Grilled On COVID Today (VIDEO)

Ford was put on blast for his handling of the pandemic in Ontario.
#VoteFordOut2022 Is Trending On Twitter & He Got Absolutely Grilled On COVID Today (VIDEO)

Over the past nine months, Premier Doug Ford has done daily media briefings to keep the public up-to-date on all things COVID-19. 

In today's briefing, he was grilled with questions about re-opening amid the province's soaring cases.

As he spoke to the press, the hashtag #VoteFordOut2022 trended Canada-wide on Twitter.

Here are people's biggest concerns, and what the premier's response has been so far.

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Why is #VoteFordOut2022 trending?

Many people are tweeting #VoteFordOut2022, each with their own reasons for wanting the politician voted out of office.

One recurring theme is his handling of the COVID-19 pandemic. 

"Since the government refuses to change in response to its failures, we must remember those failures and change the government. #VoteFordOut2022," tweeted York University professor Maxim Voronov.

The most common critiques are aimed at Ford's decision to reopen hot-spot areas throughout the province, including Toronto and Ottawa, despite cases steadily increasing province-wide.

What has Doug Ford been accused of?

Many are not pleased with Ford's decision to reopen hot spots. He was questioned extensively about this on Monday, particularly about Ontario's strategy moving forward.

"Given what's happening with the COVID-19 cases over the weekend — shattering records — are you questioning the strategy you're taking with trying to contain the numbers?" asked one reporter.

"The numbers have done nothing but gone up," added another.

Ford was asked to address criticisms that he is "trying to find a balance between the economy and public health." 

It was brought to his attention that Ontario epidemiologists don't recommend "striking a balance" without first having cases under control. 

What has Ford's response been?

The premier has maintained that he takes advice from a number of public health officials and not the other way around.

He spoke on the trend of COVID-19 cases increasing globally, assuring Ontarians that, within this trend, the province is actually doing quite well. 

"I'd think differently if it were just Ontario," he said.

"Per 100,000, with our cases, we're the lowest in North America," he continued.

Ultimately, Ford wants Ontarians to trust his decision-making skills and the decisions he and his team make.

"I've got a whole raft of doctors [to call upon]," he told viewers. "There's probably over 100 of them that work on the health team."