Wasaga Woman Hurls Racist Insults At Visitors Parked Outside Her Home (VIDEO)

She reportedly "has a history [of] bullying and tormenting people."
Wasaga Woman Hurls Racist Insults At Visitors Parked Outside Her Home (VIDEO)

A disturbing encounter between a Wasaga resident and a visitor was shared on social media this week. A Wasaga woman's racist comments are captured in the clip, which police say was the result of a parking issue. The incident is now being investigated by authorities, and charges may be laid.

Isabel Hickey was the first to share the footage on Facebook. Hickey said to Narcity that the woman posted the footage on Instagram on August 22.

Hickey, who says she knows the woman in the video but declined to identify her, said that she saw the video on Instagram. She was not involved in the incident.*

This article contains graphic content that might not be suitable for some readers.

The camera is pointed at a man standing outside of his vehicle. The woman claims that the driver is parked on her property, and says that she "dumped a milkshake" on the car and spit on it.

"These guys are on my lawn, they won't leave," she says, threatening to call the police and a tow truck.

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She proceeds to hurl racist insults at the driver, calling him a "nasty Paki." 

"They're so f***ing fugly looking," she can be heard saying. "They're nasty, they stink."

The woman records herself having a coughing fit. "I don't care, I should go cough in his door, I have corona," she says. "Get all their kids sick."

"All I really know is this girl has a history [of] bullying and tormenting people," Hickey said to Narcity. "She thinks it’s funny."

At the end of the video, she films herself getting a bottle of "some kind of relish" from her fridge and pours it on the car.

Ontario Provincial Police Sergeant Jason Folz told Narcity that the car was indeed parked illegally in front of the woman's home.

Sgt. Folz said that because municipal lots in beach towns like Wasaga are quite busy and expensive, "people go along the side streets and park in front of people's homes."

"They're not supposed to be parking there, but you can imagine what the parking situation would be in a place like that," he said.

Folz confirmed that an investigator has been assigned to the incident and is looking into the matter.

"If charges are warranted, we will certainly explore them," he said.

He alluded to the "us versus them" mentality in vacation towns like Wasaga.

"You come here and disturb my peace, and invade my space," he said, referring to the perspective of locals in these towns.

*This article has been updated.

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