Nestled on top of a hill in Lanark Highlands, Ontario, this majestic Victorian home is full of surprises.

The $899,000 house was built in the mid 19th century and comes with 600 feet of waterfront.

Michelle Joncas-Bever | Handout

Boasting four bedrooms and four bathrooms, the home has towering ceilings and a fireplace in every room on the main floor.

Michelle Joncas-Bever | Handout

Unique features include a wrap-around porch, stained glass doors, and a 2-storey outbuilding complete with a garage.

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One of the most intriguing features is the secret passageway located behind the massive bookshelf, which leads to the kitchen, as well as a trapdoor to the basement.

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The property backs onto a golf course and is surrounded by lush trees, making it an ideal place to escape the bustle of the city.

Michelle Joncas-Bever | Handout

If hilltop living, waterfront views, and secret passages sound up your alley, this might just be your dream home.

Victorian Home With Secret Passageway

Michelle Joncas-Bever | Handout

Price: $899,000

Address: 118 Mill St., Lanark Highlands, ON

Description: This Victorian home is right on the water and even has a secret passageway behind the bookshelf.

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