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Tory Hopes Toronto Will Move Into Stage 2 In The Next Week

The mayor says it could be sooner than June 26.
When Will Toronto Move To Stage Two? Tory Says It Could Be Even Earlier Than June 26

This is the news we needed to hear. As other regions in the province open up, the 6ix is still in the dark and people are still asking when will Toronto move to stage two? Well, Mayor John Tory just teased that it could actually be in the next week or so.

Tory was talking with Toronto staff at the city's media briefing on Wednesday, June 17.

There, talk of when the 6ix will be ready to join the rest of the province in stage two was a main focus.

Ontario Premier Doug Ford had said on Monday that Toronto, along with Peel Region and Windsor-Essex, could be ready to progress to the next step by Friday, 26 June.

But on Wednesday, Tory teased residents who are hoping to enjoy their summer bu suggesting he hopes it may be even sooner if health staff agree it's safe.

"We have to take note of the people who are struggling out there, individuals and businesses," said Tory via the live presser.

"It could even be the case that we could do this sooner than June 26... but it should be done based on the evidence and the best assessment that everyone can offer," he added.

As Tory noted, it's all up to both the province giving the go-ahead and the city's medical staff being confident that moving forward will not come back to bite the 6ix.

For what it's worth, Medical Officer of Health Dr. Eileen de Villa says there's a lot of promise in Toronto's trend right now.

"I am heartened by the way the indicators are going and I do think there's a lot of promise. I know we're certainly eager to get our city back," said De Villa.

So, it seems like getting a full outdoors season this summer could actually be a possibility for Toronto after all.

Although, you won't be able to sing and dance on Ontario's patios, so be warned. Did someone say Footloose?

The province has already raised the cap limit on socially-distanced gatherings to 10 people and introduced the idea of mixed-household "social circles" last week.

Tory now hopes Toronto can join the rest of the province in the coming days.

The mayor had previously suggested that patios could open in the city by July 1, and it seems like we're potentially heading into summer sooner rather than later.

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