You Can Officially Hug Your Family & Friends Again In Ontario Starting Today (VIDEO)

Ontarians, rejoice!
Ontario's Social Circles Will Now Allow You To Hug 10 Of Your Closet Friends & Family
Ontario Editor

Ontarians, rejoice! The provincial government has announced that starting today you can officially hug 10 of your closest friends and family members. Ontario's social circles will now allow you to reunite with others without practicing social distancing. 

In a press conference on Friday afternoon, the Ontario government announced that starting immediately, residents will be about to join their own social circles. 

These circles will allow you to pick 10 of your closest friends and family that you are able to come in contact with. 

No social distancing will be necessary and you will finally be able to touch, hug and have indoor dinner parties with these people. 

"We know that there are friends, families and loved ones who you haven't been able to hug or come in close contact with in months," Premier Doug Ford stated in the conference. 

"Today, the public health guidelines will be changing to introduce social circles... this change will expand the number of people who we can come in close contact with who live outside our homes."

"This means finally hugging your grandparents, or sharing a meal with your family or closest friends," Ford concluded. 

However, the government warns that every Ontarian can only be part of one group.

This means, that the same 10 people all have to agree that they will only be seeing each other. 

You will still need to practice social distancing with anyone who is outside of your circle. 

Ontario's Minister of Health, Christine Elliott, warned that these circles are different than the new rule that allowed social gatherings to raise to 10 people.

While in a gathering, such as a backyard party or a church service, you are still required to keep your distance. 

This new move comes on the same day that multiple regions of the province started stage two of Ontario's reopening plans. 

Businesses such as restaurants, hair salons and pools outside of the GTA were able to open their doors this Friday to many across the province. 

Lines were even spotted outside of a barbershop in Kingston as residents waited to get a much-needed haircut. 

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Allysha Howse
Ontario Editor