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Tourists Tried To Leave Israel With An Unexploded Shell & It Caused Total Airport Chaos

They thought it would be a nice souvenir. 🤨

​People inside Ben Gurion Airport, Israel.

People inside Ben Gurion Airport, Israel.

Global Editorial Fellow

A U.S. family who had been vacationing in Israel thought it would be a good idea to bring back an unexploded bombshell as a souvenir, but things didn't go so well when they got to customs at the airport.

According to Israel's Jewish Press, via Sky News, a child found the shell when the family was in the Golan Heights and wanted to take it home.

However, when they got to Ben Gurion airport, things escalated quickly.

One of the tourists actually took the shell out of a backpack and asked if they could put it in a suitcase, Israel's YNet reports, via BBC News.

The shell triggered a bomb scare at the terminal, where a witness video shows the absolute chaos of people running and ducking from the potential danger.

The bomb squad ended up getting called and the family was interrogated before they were allowed to get on their flight back home to the United States.

According to Forbes, it's believed that the bomb was likely from the Israel-Syria Six-Day War, which occurred in 1967. Heavy shelling occurred around the Golan Heights around that time, and the shell in question was likely a dud from the conflict.

Ben Gurion airport is known for having some of the highest security in the world, according to Forbes.

However, they probably didn't expect someone to try to bring an explosive home in their luggage as a souvenir.

It's unclear what happened to the shell, but we can't imagine the airport letting that thing go.

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