Travelling Inside Canada Is A No-Go Right Now Even If You're Driving Instead Of Flying

A new government video explained the advice.🚗❌
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Travel Inside Canada Is Still A No-Go Right Now Even If You're Driving Instead Of Flying

If you were hoping to travel inside Canada this spring break — there may be bad news ahead.

The federal government has made it clear that all non-essential travel is a no-go right now, including trips made via car inside the country.

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For almost a year, public health officials have urged Canadians to avoid all discretionary international travel due to COVID-19.

More recently, this advice has been ramped up to include vacations inside of Canada, too.

In a new video, officials reiterated that taking non-essential trips anywhere right now is a bad idea, even if the holiday is within Canada and no flights are taken.

“Now is not the time to travel,” reads a message from the video. This includes travel by air, sea and land, the clip explains.

The reminder comes as stricter travel measures continue to be implemented for travellers entering Canada.

Restrictions on incoming passengers now include additional COVID-19 tests and quarantine hotels, in addition to increased measures for people crossing Canada’s land borders.

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