Summer 2020 was a bust due to the COVID-19 pandemic, but things are looking pretty good for summer 2021 as vaccines continue to be administered around the world.

Receiving the vaccine might become the only way for you to see the beautiful state of Hawaii this year, as they may be requiring an all-new digital vaccine passport.

Editor's Choice: You May Need A 'COVID Vaccine Passport' If You Wish To Travel The World In 2021

This is the way we restore our economy very quickly. Lt. Gov. Josh Green told Hawaii News Now

Traveling to Hawaii has not been impossible throughout the pandemic, but the state has enforced some pretty strict quarantine requirements for those wishing to enter travel between the islands.

But if the program gets the green light, a COVID-19 vaccine passport would grant you access to the whole state with no quarantine requirement. 

The program could actually start very soon, as Lt. Gov. Josh Green has a launch goal of April 1 for state residents who have been vaccinated for more than two weeks.

Green hopes the program will be expanded to include mainland visitors starting on May 1.

Hawaii News Now reports the state has administered 260,000 doses of the COVID-19 vaccine, with over 400,000 more hopefully being administered by the start of the new vaccine passport program.