Trudeau Says Kids Pose A 'Challenge' To Canada's Future Guidance On International Travel

He recognizes that hotel quarantine for kids "might be difficult for the families."

Trudeau Says Kids Pose A 'Challenge' To Canada's Future Guidance On International Travel

On Friday, June 18, Justin Trudeau explained what Canada's proof of vaccination system will look like for international travel in regards to fully vaccinated Canadians. He didn't, however, mention the procedure for travelling with children until he was asked during the question period.

He said that travel for children is "something that is posing a bit of a challenge because, at this point, there aren't vaccines that we're delivering that are approved for kids under 12."

He continued to say that "kids are at much lower risk of complications from COVID-19 and hospitalization but they can still transmit and carry COVID-19 and therefore are a matter of concern when it comes to travelling and having kids come into Canada."

Trudeau hinted that future travel measures may allow fully vaccinated Canadians to skip hotel quarantine, but noted that special considerations have to be made for kids.

"We're looking at things, understanding that for parents to not have to do quarantine, but kids to have to quarantine for two weeks, might be difficult for the families. But every step of the way, we have and we need to continue to put the safety of Canadians first and prevent transmission or spread of COVID-19 and new variants."

Trudeau mentioned some potential workarounds that could include repeated COVID-19 testing and other guidelines. "We will do the best we can, based on the best advice, but our priority always needs to remain keeping Canadians and travellers safe."