Even Canadians are sweating on Tuesday, November 3, as the U.S. election polls open. 

A recent survey released by Leger360 breaks down how both Canadians and Americans are feeling amidst the pending election. 

Furthermore, the data shows how much the Canadian provinces care about tonight's big event. As it turns out, one province cares more than the rest and that province may surprise you. 

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83% Of British Columbians interested in the U.S. election

Next to B.C., 77% of Ontario and Atlantic Canada are interested. 

The provinces that care the least are Alberta, Manitoba, Saskatchewan, and Quebec who have tied at 75%. All around, it looks like Canada is pretty invested. 

In a comparison between the two countries, 77% of Canada is interested along with 83% of the U.S. So, it turns out we care almost as much as they do. 

As for who will be tuning in, 55% of Canadians said they'd be watching the election. B.C. has the highest percentage of people who said they would be tuning into election coverage.

Buckle up, folks.