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A Lottery Winner In BC Thought He Won $50,000 But He Missed A Zero

Someone had to point out that it was actually half a million!

I'm not always the strongest with numbers, but luckily one B.C. lottery winner made a mistake that turned out to be pretty funny.

Hervey Blois was high off of his big win of $50,000 when he sat down to have dinner with his family, but then one of his sons pointed something out to him — he had missed a zero.

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My sons pointed out it was actually $500,000. I was dumbstruck.

Hervey Blois

The retired veteran who lives in Chilliwack is still in disbelief. 

But he and his wife have already been talking about what they'll do with it — he wants to go to Scotland and she wants to go to Italy.

They might have to wait for some COVID-19 restrictions to lift before they start checking things off their bucket list, though.

There's another thing that might dip into the travel fund because Blois, who was on the Royal Canadian medical services team for two decades, has a hobby.

He's got a 1959 Chevy Impala and now he finally has some cash to put into restoring it.

Between buying bottles of Italian wine and vintage car parts, that $500,000 will be well spent.