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Bo Horvat's Baby Was Just Born & They Already Sound Like A Hockey Player (PHOTOS)

The newest Canuck member was just born and he's absolutely adorable. Bo Horvat's baby was brought into the world on Sunday, June 28, and he already has the name and spirit of a future hockey star. The baby Horvat arrived earlier than planned, but he probably couldn't wait to get out on the ice.

The 25-year-old Canucks captain and newly-minted dad announced the birth of Gunnar John Horvat with an Instagram story on Sunday, June 28. The littler Horvat is his first child with his wife Holly Horvat.

The boy was likely due to arrive in July, according to an Instagram post captioned "July 2020 👶," but he must've really wanted to start training early because baby Horvat came out ahead of schedule.

The Canucks team later followed up on Twitter with a photo of their boy and congratulations for the couple. "Both mom and baby are doing great," the team wrote.

The upcoming arrival of their baby was first announced over an adorable Instagram post on Sunday, January 19. The post featured his older, fuzzier brother Gus the bulldog, as well as a tiny baby-sized jersey.

Now that baby Horvat is in the picture, however, Gus might have to share the spotlight of dad's attention. But given how good of a dog parent Bo is, his kid will get treated like a king.

Bo proposed to Holly Horvat in 2018, and the pair were married in 2019. Now, in 2020, their first child was brought into this world.

It's been a great couple of weeks for the Canucks centre-player. As the NHL season starts ramping up for a restart, the captain will finally get to return to the ice. Too bad it might not be in Vancouver.

The hockey world is about to be turned upside down with this latest recruit. With a name like Gunnar with a hockey team captain as a father, he might just be seeing the new hockey sensation.

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