Canada’s First University Class About COVID-19 Is Already Ridiculously Popular

Summer class is full and winter is waitlisted.
Canadian COVID-19 Class At A University Is Already Ridiculously Popular

It was only a matter of time before there was a Canadian COVID-19 class to look at the global pandemic in an academic setting.

UBC’s Sociology department now has a three-credit, no prerequisite required course called "COVID-19 & Society."

...the only course where students work with non-profit organizations that serve populations affected by COVID

Katherine Lyon, Ph.D

It's the first class of its kind in Canada and it's already extremely popular.

UBC's Katherine Lyon shared with Narcity that since both summer and winter offerings are full, they will offer the class again, possibly with more sections, if there's a demand for it.

According to the university, this unique course will "help students make connections between their own experience of COVID-19 and larger social patterns occurring locally and globally."

Via The University of British Columbia