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This Canadian COVID-19 Rap Anthem Is Going To Get Stuck In Your Head (VIDEO)

The video creator wanted "to make friends, family and strangers alike smile."

If you've been searching for the perfect COVID-19 follow-up song to "Speaking Moistly", look no further.

A Vancouver man took it upon himself to create a music video on the pandemic — from the perspective of the virus.

And much like the virus itself, it's super-catchy.

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Mike Dahlke said he decided to make the video after he and a friend were "messing around with an auto-tune app" and he "figured Covid-19 was a good subject as it’s all you hear about."

Dahlke used the iconic Science World in Vancouver as the backdrop for the shoot, which he mainly did himself except for a few shots that his spouse assisted with and using beats from Ihaksi.

"People looked at me pretty sideways as they walked past," Dahlke says, and "a lot of people honked as they drove by."

The tone of the song is set straight from the beginning with the lyrics "Breathing, it's overrated," but it's the chorus that can only take one listen to before the line "if you don't comply, you're gonna die" gets stuck in your head.

But despite the serious nature of the topic and lyrics, it's meant to be fun.

"It’s all in all fairly silly and supposed to be light-hearted," Dahlke says, and since lots of people are having hard times at the moment, he loves "to make friends, family and strangers alike smile."

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