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Lululemon Is Getting Called Out For Sharing A 'Resist Capitalism' Workshop On Instagram

A Canadian brand is in hot water. Lululemon's "Resist Capitalism" post did not go over well on social media. People called the since-deleted post ironic. 

The athletic brand shared the phrase in a picture promoting a workshop about decolonizing gender. 

It is hosted by Rebby Kern who is a brand ambassador for Lululemon. The post originally went up on their personal Instagram account. 

There, the event, which is scheduled to take place on September 17 at 5:30 p.m. EDT, is described as "a workshop to unveil historical erasure & resist capitalism." 

Along with the photo Kern said, "Hang with me to get the download on how gender constructs across the world have informed culture and the ways violent colonialism has erased these histories to enforce consumerism, gender stereotypes and misunderstanding of gender diverse communities."

The issue came when Lululemon shared the event on their own social page. 

While it has since been deleted, a screenshot shows that the brand's official Instagram posted the exact same photo of Kern.

Following that, many people took issue with the term "resist capitalism" coming from a major billion-dollar company. 

An account called Woke Capital posted the screenshot on Twitter saying "Lululemon is holding a workshop to 'decolonize gender' and 'resist capitalism'."

Hundreds shared the tweet with one user saying "A billion-dollar company hosting a workshop on resisting the system that made it a billion dollar company. Make it make sense @lululemon."

"So CAPITALIST COMPANY based in Canada is holding resist capitalism workshop. Isn't that counter intuitive? Hard pass on 168.00 leggings!" another Twitter user said. 

A spokesperson for the company made it clear that they were not hosting the event and shouldn't have shared the post in the first place. 

"We recently shared on our social channels an upcoming event organized by one of our ambassadors. This is not a lululemon forum and it does not represent the company’s views. We have since removed the post," they told CTV

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