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Takeout In Vancouver: You Might Spot This 'Crazy Rich Asians' Star Eating Through The City

Jimmy O. Yang is in Vancouver filmingLove Hard, a romantic comedy with Nina Dobrev — and when he's not on set, he's busy eating his way through the city and reviewing his favourite spots on his YouTube Channel.

Yang said that Vancouver is "known for its Chinese food, Vietnamese food...some of the best in the world," and he's definitely eaten here before because he has family here.

The Silicon Valley star got take out from a couple of iconic Asian restaurants in the city and brought them home to eat Mukbang-style for his channel.

If you're out grabbing food in the city, you just might spot him, too. 

Here are all the places he's eaten so far:

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His first Vancouver taste-test was some Shanghainese-style homemade food by his uncle and aunt.

Then, he ate from Green Lemongrass and raved about the food, "I can't find this in L.A.," he said digging into a noodle dish, "it's very, very authentic and seems like it's great quality also."

"This is probably my favourite restaurant when I was a kid," said Yang in his latest video where he ate a big haul from Phnom Penh, the city's top Cambodian and Vietnamese restaurant.

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