This BC Private Island With A Tiny Cabin On It Is For Sale For $269,900

This private paradise is worth every penny. 💰
Private Island For Sale In BC With A Tiny Cabin On It Is For Sale For $269,900

If you're in need of some peace and solitude, then you won't find a better home than this retreat.

It's a private island for sale in B.C. that's less than the cost of even the cheapest condo you can find in the city.

East Bay Island is on Cluculz Lake in the heart of B.C. — about a 9.5-hour drive north of Vancouver.

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The tiny 0.9-acre island is actually just 35-minutes from Prince George so it's not like you'll be living out in the wilderness exactly.

There's an adorable one-bedroom cabin on the island and you'll have it all to yourself.

Inside, the house is bright and cozy, full of exposed wood and panelling that will give you Canadian cottage vibes year-round.

It's 612 square feet so while there's no room for you and all of your best friends, it's perfect for solo-living or to split with your s/o.

If you're ready to get out of the city and brag about owning a private island, then this super cheap spot could be your dream home.

East Bay Island

Price: $269,900

Address: Cluculz Lake, BC

Description: You can own a private island and move in right away for less than $300,000.

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