On Monday, May 17, Vancouver Police held a press conference where they released the photos and names of "six dangerous gangsters" who are believed to pose a serious risk to public safety in the area.

"Gang violence continues to be a prominent public safety issue in Metro Vancouver. There have been numerous reckless, brazen acts of violence that threaten the safety of innocent bystanders," said Chief Constable Adam Palmer.

Vancouver Police Department

He said that he wants all Vancouverites to know the faces of these people in order to keep their distance.

"They not only pose a risk to their friends, families, and acquaintances, but they also pose a risk to people who don't even know them; risk to people every time they go to the gym, they go shopping, they go the grocery store, a restaurant, a bar – when bars are open," said Palmer.

He went on to say that the risk to the public is because he believes that they may be targeted by rival gang members. "My greatest concern right now, related to the ongoing gang violence, is that an innocent bystander will be hurt or killed during a shooting targeting a gangster."

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