You Could Get Up To $164 From The BC Government This Month & Here's Why

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Legislative Assembly of British Columbia

Legislative Assembly of British Columbia

Your bank account might get an unexpected bump soon, thanks to the B.C. government's BC Affordability Credit.

This month 85% of British Columbians will automatically get the credit through the Canada Revenue Agency. How much you get though depends on certain factors like whether or not you have kids.

The B.C. government said in a release that the credit, aimed at helping offset rising costs, will give up to $164 per adult and $41 per child. This means that a family with two kids can get as much as $410.

This credit will be a one-time payment for those who meet the minimum requirements. People in the province with an income of up to $36,901 will get the maximum BC Affordability Credit, according to a November press release from the government.

The maximum that you can earn as an individual to receive the credit is $79,376. For household incomes of eligible families of four, incomes of $43,051 or less will get the maximum amount. Household incomes of $150,051 or more will not get the credit.

Between the income levels, how much someone gets is based on a sliding scale.

The credit is part of the BC Climate Action Tax Credit, which helps offset carbon taxes paid by those living in B.C.

These payments are issued four times a year usually around the fifth day of the month, according to the B.C. Government.

"The winter season often brings extra expenses for people and, with the rising costs we’re seeing around the world, it can add stress to already stretched household budgets," Katrine Conroy, the Minister of Finance said in the release.

"We know it won't cover all the bills, but hopefully this little extra from the BC Affordability Credit will help take a bit of the pressure off as we head into a new year," Conroy added.

Morgan Leet
Morgan Leet is a Senior Editor for Narcity Media based in Vancouver, B.C.