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A Sex-Crazed Peacock In BC Blocked The Doors To A Condo & Terrorized Residents (VIDEO)

Animal Control eventually shut down the promiscuous peacock’s parties.

You might have obnoxious neighbours, but at least you don't have this guy dominating your front door. A peacock in B.C. was removed from an apartment building after attacking an older woman. The bird had refused to leave for months, treating the entrance as its mating ground with a harem of female birds.

The peacock, named Pea, marched over to Victoria resident Susan Simmon's apartment building from Beacon Hill park in mid-March and refused to leave.

"He would call out to the females in the park, the hens, and ask them to come over. And he had three to four females that he saw on a regular basis," Simmons told Narcity.

"I like to say he set up a brothel or a Studio 54, he'd do his little glitter dance and all the girls would come around."

At first, she didn't mind Pea's dancing, but it soon grew old. The bird started calling around 5:30 a.m., she said, and it woke people up. He would also run into traffic, and even caused a motorcycle accident at one point.

But the final straw was when Pea attacked an older woman who Simmons believed was around 92-years-old.

"He clawed at her hand and caused her to have a huge cut in her hand," she said.

After this, animal control had to be called in. Simmons said they spent an entire day chasing the bird down before finally catching him and moving him far away, to the other side of the park.

"Within two hours he was back," said Simmons.

Susan Simmons | Handout

Finally, animal control returned for the last time and arrested Pea, taking him to what Simmons called "peacock jail" for two weeks.

"We just want him to simmer down and then they'll release him back hopefully into the park," Simmons said.

Susan Simmons | Handout

With Pea currently doing time, Simmons thinks that animals are moving out of Beacon park due to people feeding them. It's also possible that overnight campers are driving them from their homes.

"Some of them were yelling and screaming, and it's traumatic for the animals because it's their environment, not ours," she said.

Too bad there's no peacock motel so that he could just get a room next time.