This is weirdly patriotic and certainly something unique. Walk off the Earth created a version of O Canada using sounds from ketchup bottles. Yeah, you read that right.

Canadian band Walk off the Earth posted a video on YouTube of their interesting take on the national anthem and its one that's probably never been done before.

All four of the band members are sitting on one side of a picnic table dressed in red and white with a bunch of condiment containers in front of them just waiting to be played.

The way they're set up at the table even makes it look like they're a Canadian flag.

Along with two ukuleles to liven up the performance, the band members use different ketchup bottles as wind and percussion instruments.

Some are filled completely, some are half empty and some have nothing in them at all.

That's what helps create all of the different sounds.

Near the end of the anthem, one band member even uses a bowl of fries drenched in the red stuff as a drum.

This reimagined and unique version of the national anthem came about because Walk off the Earth partnered with French's to celebrate Canada Day.

"We thrive on thinking differently about sound, making music with everyday items found around the house," said Gianni Luminati, one member of Walk off the Earth, in a news release.

So creating a whole new version of O Canada with ketchup bottles wasn't a difficult task for the musicians.

The video that accompanies the song was inspired by summer BBQs and, of course, the classic burger topping.

On Instagram, the band shared photos of them creating the video.

"This Canada Day, we're showing off our Canadian pride with our take on the most Canadian song, made with the most Canadian condiment, French's ketchup," they said.

In other ketchup-related goings-on, Heinz created a puzzle with 570 pieces that are all the same shade of red.

The puzzle was even for sale online and all profits went to Food Banks Canada.