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Super Weird Jobs That You Won't Believe Actually Exist In Canada

Only in the True North. 🇨🇦
Super Weird Jobs That You Won't Believe Actually Exist In Canada

Canada is a country full of weird yet beautiful wonders and our job market is no exception.  

In fact, the True North actually has some odd yet awesome jobs you may never find anywhere else.

That's why we have compiled five super weird Canadian jobs that you won't believe exist in Canada but actually do. 

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Worm Picker-Packer

Worm picking is a real thing in Canada and, according to a job posting, the gig requires picking up lots of worms, counting them and packing them into a box.

The lucky person may also have to load and unload them onto a farm. This true Canadian might also have to change the worms' "bedding and feeding."

Tim Hortons Museum Worker

It's no secret Tim Hortons is a staple up north and although working at one isn't unusual for many Canadians, being a curator for its museum might be.

Tim Hortons actually has a museum which is also the very first store location that opened back in 1964 in Hamilton, Ontario.

Obviously, someone has to run the location so that fellow Canadians can gawk at the memorabilia and its history; it's probably one of the most Canadian jobs ever!

Polar Bear Cop

Only in Canada will you find police officers who are designated to scare off polar bears. In fact, Churchill, in the province of Manitoba, is said to be the polar bear capital of the world.*

According to Outside Magazine, the job includes patrolling the town for any possible bear sighting.

The report also says that officers use paintball guns or a "scare pistol" to get the bears out of town. They apparently only use deadly force when they are in danger or if a person is killed or mauled.

There's a polar bear jail and everything.

Stanley Cup Keeper

Carrying an NHL trophy everywhere you go for 30 years is no easy feat and Phil Pritchard, famously known as the Stanley Cup Keeper, could tell you a thing or two about it.

Pritchard who is the curator at the Hockey Hall of Fame in Toronto, Ontario, has been travelling the world with the coveted hockey prize for decades.

Although this job is uncommon in Canada the fact that it exists is pretty awesome!

Maple Syrup Producer

Canada is a leader in the maple syrup world, as the sweet sauce is pretty much our pride and joy here.

Additionally, it is safe to say that there is no shortage of jobs in the world's foremost maple syrup nation, as 75% of the world's maple syrup production comes straight from Canada.*

*This article has been updated.

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