These Canadian Cabins For Sale Are Perfect For Trading City Lights For Northern Lights

The true north is a true beauty. ❄️
Northern Lights Resort In Canada Is For Trading In City Lights For The Aurora Borealis

If you're ready to get out of the city for good, then why not upgrade and get a Northern Lights resort in Canada for less than the cost of a city penthouse?

Thirty minutes from Whitehorse, you'll find this incredible spot — an entire boutique cabin resort for sale.

It's the ultimate place to watch the aurora borealis magically light up the skies.

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There are seven individual units that you could rent out as well as a big lodge and a spa.

Right now, guests can book three-day getaways from $750, so it's affordable for people to come to stay with you and you can still make a profit.

You'll find a few beautiful log cabins and a handful of mini-chalets with massive windows meant for watching the lights.

Sure, it can get cold in the Yukon, but it's beautiful enough to make up for that.

And if you're ready to trade in the city lights for the northern lights, then this place could worth it.

Northern Lights Resort & Spa

Price: $2,950,000

Address: 41 Gentian Lane, Whitehorse, YT

Description: Get an entire resort for less than a city penthouse and escape to the great white north.

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