A Winnie The Pooh Horror Film Is In The Works & It'll Totally Ruin Your Childhood

It's called Blood and Honey 💀

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Winnie the Pooh in 'Blood and Honey.' Right: Piglet and Winnie the Pooh in a scene from the film.

Winnie the Pooh in 'Blood and Honey.' Right: Piglet and Winnie the Pooh in a scene from the film.

Jagged Edge Productions

Winnie the Pooh, that adorable honey-loving bear from your childhood, is coming back to scare the 💩 out of you.

The classic children’s character is getting a horror-inspired makeover with a new film called Winnie the Pooh: Blood and Honey, and it looks like pure nightmare fuel.

The film is being produced by Jagged Edge Productions, a U.K.-based studio that's made several other low-budget teen slasher flicks. The studio released a few images and a synopsis for the film on IMDB, and people have been losing it on social media ever since.

According to the film description, the story "follows Pooh and Piglet as they go on a rampage after Christopher Robin abandons them."

That's dark - even darker than that 2018 Christopher Robin movie, which opens with him growing up and fighting in a war.

As if that wasn't horrifying enough, the first photos show some grotesquely realistic-looking takes on the characters. Piglet in particular looks like a full-on boar/man hybrid.

Pooh was originally created by author A.A. Milne in 1926, and the character has appeared in many Disney films over the last several decades. But the copyright on Milne’s first book expired on January 1 of this year, and the character is now in the public domain.

That means anyone can use him in books or movies without getting permission, much as they do with other classic figures such as Sherlock Holmes, Robin Hood and Dracula.

So naturally, someone decided to turn Pooh into a murder bear.

It's unclear exactly when it will come out, and we're guessing it won't get the same widespread release as a Marvel movie. However, director Rhys Waterfield did tell Variety that he's rushing to finish the film because of all the sudden hype around it.

"We're just going to start expediting the edit and getting it through post production as fast as we can," he said.

The internet reaction has ranged from horrified to strangely curious to simply "WTF."

"This is why I love the public domain," reads one of the most popular tweets about it.

"Maybe the Winnie the Pooh horror movie is dumb, but I'm glad it exists if only because we need to establish at some point that, no, Disney doesn't own him anymore," said another user. "If it's gotta be a dumb horror movie, whatever."

Now we just need a trailer!

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