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A Student Posed With Timmies In His Grad Photo & It's The Most Canadian Thing Ever

The company responded, too!
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A Tim Hortons Graduation Photo Was Shared Online & It's The Most Canadian Thing Ever

Thanks for your assistance, coffee! One student in Canada has paid tribute to his caffeinated late nights in the most iconic way ever — by taking a Tim Hortons graduation photo.

Sharing the extra-Canadian picture on his social media, Morgan Hillier explained that he “couldn’t have a Grad Photoshoot without Timmies.”  

Hillier confirmed to Narcity that he recently graduated from Booth University College in Winnipeg, with a BA in Biblical and Theological Studies.

That, he says, required a lot of late nights!

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The student told the coffee company, “Thanks for staying open late so I could get coffee while studying for my exams and writing papers.”

Responding to the hilarious image, in which Hillier can be seen holding his beloved Timmies cup, the company wrote, “Petitioning to change the name to a cup and gown ceremony.”

They added, “Glad we could have your back. Congrats, Morgan!”

Unless you took your grad photo with a moose, a canoe or a bottle of maple syrup, it doesn’t get much more Canadian than this!

    Helena Hanson
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