Nothing says “thank you” like a personal gesture! To honour Canada’s essential workers and frontline superstars, Tim Hortons is launching “Hero Cups.” The limited-edition cups will include the names of essential workers from across the country, and you can even nominate somebody you know to be featured.

In a release on Monday, June 15, Tim Hortons called on Canadians to nominate their favourite “frontline hero,” for a chance to have their name featured on a new, limited-edition cup.

The idea behind the design is to honor those who have made great sacrifices during the COVID-19 pandemic in Canada, and to thank them for their hard work over the past couple of months.

The coffee company explained, “Guests can nominate adults who have been on the frontlines during the pandemic.” 

This includes health-care workers, first responders, truck and transit drivers, retail staff, government members and “anyone else who has worked to keep the country running in these difficult times.”

Over 100 variations of the cup will be given out across Canada, and they will “pay tribute to thousands of heroes across different lines of work and volunteer efforts.”

The Hero Cups will feature the words “Thank You” and “Merci,” and will include the names and professions of 100 Canadians.

In a statement on June 15, Tim Hortons explained, “Frontline workers have been the backbone of our communities during these extremely difficult times.” 

“These limited-edition Tim Hortons Hero Cups are another opportunity to showcase some special people and let us all be a part of acknowledging their amazing contributions.”

You can nominate a hero from your own life by clicking here. Nominations are open until June 24, and those chosen will be contacted to provide their consent before their names are included.

All of the featured heroes will also be honoured on the company's website.

Tim Hortons' Hero Cups are expected to hit stores nationwide this summer. 

In the meantime, Starbucks have released a new range of reusable cups to honor Pride month in Canada. 

Cheers to awesome cups and even more awesome causes!