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These Guys Made The 'World's Worst Airbnb' & People Actually Want To Rent It (VIDEO)

This "Earth house" is truly something special. 😩😂
These Guys Made The 'World's Worst Airbnb' & People Actually Want To Rent It (VIDEO)

At one time or another, you've probably wondered if there's such thing as the world's worst Airbnb

Last month, a group of U.K.-based YouTubers called the Passion Squad took it upon themselves to create it.

What started out as a journey to make the "cheapest, most unique Airbnb experience you could ever enjoy" quickly evolved into what they claim is "the worst Airbnb ever."

The rental is nothing more than a mattress and side table with two glasses of water as "refreshments," yet they tell Narcity that "they got a ton of requests" to book it.

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YouTubers Rhys Simmons and Jamie Kamaz say they used a Switzerland hotel's "unique outdoor aesthetic" as the inspiration.

After acquiring the furnishings, the group picked out a scenic spot under a tree, snapped some photos, and went live on Airbnb.

The video then shows the guys laughing in disbelief, counting the number of requests they'd already received from people who wanted to stay there. 

However, they told Narcity they didn't feel right accepting them.

"We would have felt too guilty taking someone's money for that," they said. "So after some time of not accepting the requests and having a pile of DMs, [Airbnb] shut us down for inactivity."

At least they succeeded in getting their "Earth house" its 15 minutes of fame.

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