WWE's 'The Undertaker's' Texan Mother Might Be More Intimidating Than Her Son

Apparently he had to stop bringing her to shows 🤯
WWE's 'The Undertaker's' Texan Mother Might Be More Intimidating Than Her Son

WWE's famed character "The Undertaker" is undoubtedly one of the biggest and most intimidating wrestling stars the world has ever seen, but his true self isn't quite as scary.

In fact, his mother, Catherine Calaway, may even be more frightening.

Mark William Calaway, who has spent 30-years in the ring as "The Undertaker" is nearing his retirement, and he has been showing a side of himself the world has never seen in recent weeks.

The wrestler in a "Hot Ones" interview talked about stories outside and inside the ring, including tales of his Texan mom scolding other professional wrestlers for hurting her 6'10, 320 lb son.

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It got to a point where I had to quit bringing her to shows. The Undertaker

One example brought up by The Undertaker was in a match before Wrestlemania 32 in 2016, where he would face off against Shane McMahon.

McMahon gave The Undertaker a swift punch to the eye, which ended up drawing blood, causing The Undertaker's mom to get a little heated.

His mother actually scolded multiple wrestlers including Stone Cold Steve Austin and Triple H for hurting her son, but McMahon is said to have had it the most violent after this fight.

"I'm still her baby as she still has to help me," said The Undertaker.

Luckily for his mother, The Undertaker would soon go on to defeat McMahon in the coming weeks at Wrestlemania 32.

You can watch The Undertaker give his "final farewell" at the "Survivor Series" on November 22, where he made his debut 30-years ago, or you can check out his five-part docuseries "The Last Ride" on WWE Network.