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You Can Experience A Spine-Chilling Séance In An Old Victorian Farmhouse This Halloween

Tickets have sold out for the past five years.

You Can Experience A Spine-Chilling Séance In An Old Victorian Farmhouse This Halloween
You Can Experience A Spine-Chilling Séance In An Old Victorian Farmhouse This Halloween

Spooky season has arrived, and it's time to get your scream on. This time of year, there are many bone-chilling events throughout the province, but none like Jaymes White's séances.

With five years of completely sold-out shows in his wake, Canadian mentalist Jaymes White invites audiences to feel the rush of undeniable fear once again. October marks the debut of his scariest psychological experience yet: the Eatonville Farmhouse Séance.

Set in one of Toronto's last remaining Victorian-era farmhouses, the Eatonville Farmhouse séance will take participants on a journey to the unknown. Here, attendees will witness paranormal activity as Jaymes attempts to communicate with the dead.

This event is definitely not for the faint of heart; people are known to leave screaming, crying or questioning their reality. This clip will give you an idea of the terrors you can expect if you dare to attend an upcoming séance.


You've likely seen a séance on TV before if you haven't already been to one: it's a session where people gather, typically around a table, with a medium who acts as a messenger for spirits. Jaymes, however, makes it clear that he's not a medium.

As a mentalist and expert in science and psychology, Jaymes teaches at universities and has trained law enforcement and detectives on observation, memory and handwriting analysis. He's also a master of manipulation, using hypnotism and the power of suggestion to predict the behaviour of his audiences.

Jaymes has recreated authentic Victorian séances in Toronto since 2016. This year, he plans to leave guests more terrified than ever.

The Eatonville Farmhouse Séance, which takes place from October 1 to November 27, is approximately two hours long and is restricted to ages 18+. Tickets can be purchased for $66.66 (get it?) per person on Jaymes' website. Or, if you want to be spooked with your group of friends, you can book a private session with a maximum of 16 people to save $200.

Group sizes are limited to just 13-16 people this year — Jaymes' most intimate gathering yet — and COVID-19 protocols are in place for everyone's safety.

The event changes location every fall, so even if you've been to a Jaymes White séance before, you can be sure that this will be a totally different experience. If, however, you haven't had the pleasure of attending one of Jaymes' séances yet: buckle up. You're in for the ultimate scare.

Courtesy of Jaymes White

The Eatonville Farmhouse Séance with Jaymes White

Price: $66.66 per person

When: October 1 to November 27

Address: Broadacres Park Farmhouse, 450 The West Mall, Etobicoke

Why You Need To Go: Jaymes White's séances are Canada's most frightening, and this year, it's even more intimate. If you're someone who enjoys a good scare, this is the event for you.

Book your tickets to the Eatonville Farmhouse Séance by visiting the official website, or follow Jaymes White on Facebook, Instagram and YouTube for more info.