You Can Get Paid To Spend A Month At An Aruba Hotel & All Of Your Expenses Are Covered

Get your swimsuit ready!

The backyard of the Boardwalk Hotel in Aruba. Right: The patio of the Boardwalk Hotel in Aruba.
Global Staff Writer

The backyard of the Boardwalk Hotel in Aruba. Right: The patio of the Boardwalk Hotel in Aruba.

Dream job alert! A hotel in Aruba is inviting someone to live the "Aruban barefoot luxury life" for free, and all you have to do is create some content from your comfy spot poolside.

The Boardwalk Hotel Aruba is looking for a live-in social media content creator whose main job will be to simply enjoy the place and tell everyone about it.

The hotel is hiring someone to stay at the hotel for at least one month and take photos of the interior and exterior of the rooms, the facilities, the decor as well as the Aruba lifestyle to post on the business's social media accounts.

The job also includes free flights, all meals paid, a monthly allowance to spend freely, a work desk on the beach, and a rental car to explore different beaches, parks and restaurants around the island.

They don't specify exactly how much they'll pay for the monthly allowance, but with everything else covered, does it really matter?

The boutique hotel is a family-run business, and the property consists of 46 Caribbean-style casitas on a historic cocoa plantation, surrounded by colorful flowers and palm trees.

During the residency, the candidate will get to stay in each of the seven casita categories of the hotel. They'll also get to enjoy a private plunge pool and an outdoor shower.

If this is the job of your dreams, you can fill out an application form on the hotel's website.

You might want to hurry, because the deadline for the job is Thursday, March 31.

Hotel management will make their decision shortly after that, and the winner will be announced on April 8.

The start date has not yet been decided and it's unclear exactly how long you'd be able to stay beyond the first month.

Still, who wouldn't want a free ride in paradise?

Cata Balzano
Global Staff Writer