You Can Hike A 2,744-Step Staircase Up To The Clouds In Colorado

Manitou incline has fully reopened and the winter views are incredible! (PHOTOS)

Manitou Incline In Colorado Features A Staircase Leading To The Clouds
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If you want to get those steps in on your next adventure, we've found the ideal destination. Manitou Incline in Colorado is made up of over 2,700 steps, with a breathtaking view from the top served with a remarkable sense of accomplishment. You'll be sharing that workout on your story once you crest the peak for some bragging rights.

Once used as a cable car to transfer pipeline materials to the top of Pike's Peak, the trail eventually switched to a tourist destination in 2013.

Manitou Incline in Manitou Springs, Colorado, used to house railroad tracks, but after a rockslide damaged a large portion of the rails, they were taken out, leaving behind the ties.

Those are now used by hikers from around the country. This isn't an easy adventure to go on — the 2,744 steps quickly gain a 2,000-foot elevation and include about a mile's worth of high-intensity climbing.

The hike, reopened since August 2020, is free to enjoy with a reservation up to 7 days in advance on the Colorado Springs Parks Department Incline site. Make sure to check out all details regarding the parking and the trip back when booking your experience as you can't park at Barr Lot anymore. The Iron Springs parking is $10 for 4 hours and can be reserved via their Facebook page.

You can start your journey any day of the week from 6 a.m. until 6:30 p.m., from March 13 to November 5 and 6 a.m. to 3 p.m. during winter season (from November 6 to March 12). The Iron Springs parking is $10.

When exploring the area, there's a false summit where two trails intersect, but if you're looking for the very top, keep in mind you still have a few hundred more steps to go!

But despite the daunting height, the fantastic feeling of conquering these significant steps is worth all of the work.

Manitou Incline

Price: $10 parking

When: All-year-round

Address: 444 Ruxton Ave., Manitou Springs, CO

Why You Need To Go: This hike will bring you to a stunning peak with views.


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This article has been updated since it was originally published on April, 28 2020.

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