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You Can Hike These Magical Sand Dunes In Saskatchewan And Feel Like You're In Morocco

Who says you need your passport to have an adventure?
You Can Hike These Magical Sand Dunes In Saskatchewan And Feel Like You're In Morocco

With everything that’s been going on this year, it’s normal that we’re a little reluctant to plan any major trips — especially when travelling outside of the country is a huge no-no in 2020.

This year, it’s all about staying safe and keeping those around us safe, but who’s to object to harmless trips venturing outside in nature, particularly when we’re talking about our own Canadian backyards?

If you had exotic travel plans for 2020 that have been postponed, we’re here to present an alternative adventure that doesn’t involve crossing any borders or putting your safety at risk. Case in point: the Great Sandhills in Saskatchewan.

What’s that, you ask? If you’ve gotten into the habit of assuming that there’s nowhere in Canada that can possibly rival foreign countries overseas in terms of their grandiose landscapes, think again.

Forget everything you’ve ever pictured when it comes to Saskatchewan, including it being solely comprised of flat prairie lands as far as the eye can see.

Instead, picture sand dunes that reach over 1,900 square kilometres reminiscent of Morocco, all in the middle of one of our great provinces. Saskatchewan’s Great Sandhills will let you snap your very own envy-inducing Instagram shots (or unique family portraits!) on the horizon.

If you’re looking for a valid excuse to leave your quarantine nest and enjoy the great outdoors, there’s no better place to do so than the Great Sandhills Ecological Reserve. Imagine all of your wildest Moroccan vacation dreams coming true — without ever having to board a plane.

The first thing that comes to mind when you think of Saskatchewan probably isn't your typical dream vacation, but that’s where you’re very much in the wrong.

The Great Sandhills of Saskatchewan are the perfect escape to remind us of how integral a role nature plays in our everyday lives. It’s a paradise for hiking, bird watching, and embracing nature photography. It's also a great place for family fun: kids and adults alike can have a grand time playing in the sand. You can even rent a toboggan to slide your way right into happiness or bring your own crazy carpet to race family members down the hills. Endless laughs and special memories guaranteed.

Contrary to your traditional thoughts of Saskatchewan (aka wheat fields and endless roads stretching out into the horizon with nothing but pavement in sight), the Great Sandhills are the ideal example of what you can discover when you truly embrace the concept of expecting the unexpected.

Of course, while you’re out trekking through these majestic sand dunes, it’s important to keep the essentials on you. The perfect way to keep your hunger at bay while reconnecting with nature is to stay equipped with some Nature Valley granola bars. Nature Valley is the original on-the-go snack made from wholesome ingredients (that actually come from nature). Keep these handy bars in your back pocket to enhance your nature experience, whether you’re travelling solo or with the whole family. 

The Great Sandhills in Saskatchewan

Price: Free

Address: Clinworth No. 230, SK S0N 1L0

Why You Need To Go: To live a breathtaking experience unlike any other. 

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