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2021 Weather In Canada Has Been So Cloudy & It's Worse Than Normal

If you've noticed that the 2021 weather in Canada has been pretty dreary, you're not the only one because it’s been cloudy across the country.

To start off the year, Canadians have been sun-starved and it's actually been more cloudy than it usually is this time of year.

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93% cloud cover in St. John's for 2021 so far

According to Tyler Hamilton, a meteorologist with The Weather Network, the angle of the sun is so low and there have been a lot of disturbances.

"Several major cities including Vancouver, Halifax, Toronto and St. John's, are all off to an extremely cloudy start," he said.

In Vancouver, the cloud cover for 2021 has been at 91% and the norm is 80%.

It's been 92% in Toronto while the norm is 73% and the last day with more sun than cloud was December 18, 2020.

Halifax has seen 81% cloud cover for the start of the year while the norm is 71%, St. John's is at 93% with the norm at 77% and Calgary is right on the norm with 61%.

Winter forecasts for Canada in 2021 have called for a cold and stormy season.

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