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6 Top Wines Under $20 At The LCBO To Drink Over The Holidays

Because it isn't only the tree getting lit this year. 🥂

If your idea of a white Christmas is opening up a bottle of chardonnay, we got you covered. These are six of the top wines at the LCBO wines under $20, perfect for drinking over the holidays.

Sommelier Erin Henderson, who is the founder of The Wine Sisters told Narcity her top picks that are "solid choices for the frugal wine lover."

Below you'll find all the bubbly, white and red you'll want to add to your shopping cart

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Clean Slate Riesling

LCBO wines under $20

Price: $12.90

Details: Erin told Narcity it is a "mineral-driven dry Riesling" that works with everything from "runny cheese to duck confit."

Trius Cabernet Franc

Price: $16.95

Details: Another top pick is the Trius Cabernet Franc, which Erin says is her go-to house pour that tastes of "dark berries, savoury herbs and rich spice."

Rosehall Run Pixie Sparkling Rosé

LCBO under $20

Price: $19.95

Details: Erin says it is a "party-ready pink bubbly" that "is juicy and jubilant with flavours of ripe red berries and sweet citrus.

Flat Rock Good Kharma Chardonnay

LCBO wines under $20

Price: $16.95

Details: Not only does it have a fun name, but The Wine Sisters Chief Sommelier also suggests it would be perfect with your holiday turkey. She describes it as a "bright and crisp, minerally driven Chardonnay."

Georges Duboeuf Beaujolais

cheap wines at LCBO

Price: $15.05

Details: According to Erin it "dangerously gulp-able" and has "fruit-forward notes of black and red berries and a touch of spicy, ground black pepper."

Bottega Vino Dei Poeti Brut

wines under $20 at the LCBO

Price: $15.95

Details: Wine expert Erin says it tastes like citrus and has "subtle floral notes with a touch of lightly roasted nuts."