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You Can Get $400 Back From The Government If You've Worked From Home During The Pandemic

And you probably won't need your employer to sign anything.
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The Canadian government has announced they are giving money back to people who have been stuck working at their kitchen tables or in their bedrooms during the pandemic.

The government said they would boost the federal tax rebate for people who work from home as part of their new economic spending plan that was revealed on Monday, November 30.

Now people with "modest" work-from-home expenses due to the pandemic can claim up to $400, and the CRA says they likely won't ask for detailed expenses or a signed letter from your employer.

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$400 Work-from-home tax rebate

Canada's newest national financial package also includes news about the country's order of vaccines and benefits for those with young families.

Canada did have a work-from-home tax break before the pandemic, but the CRA says that they're going to be a lot more lenient this year.

"The CRA will allow employees working from home in 2020 due to COVID-19 with modest expenses to claim up to $400, based on the amount of time working from home, without the need to track detailed expenses," the new plan reads.

Plus you probably won't need to ask your boss to sign off on a new chair or a better Wi-Fi router.

"[The CRA] will generally not request that people provide a signed form from their employers," the plan adds.

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